Three Things to Look for When Shopping for DIY Furniture Projects

Refinishing or painting a large piece of furniture is a wonderful, yet time consuming DIY project.  It is so important that you select a piece of furniture that is going to make your time worth it.  Look for these three things when out shopping for that perfect piece:

1. Is all hardware on it?  If not, consider the cost of replacing what is missing or having to replace all of it in case you cannot replace a few of them. The easiest to replace is the pieces that have a single knob on the drawer or cabinet. If "double hole" knobs are missing, then you want to be more careful counting the replacement cost.

2. Is it solid wood? Look carefully at the sides, the top and the back of the furniture. Carefully inspect the piece to make sure it is solid wood or at least that you are aware of what is not if you still decide to purchase.  Laminate top pieces can still be painted with special care and look amazing.

3. Do the drawer runners work? or are they even there? This can always be fixed, but just know you may need to purchase runners to make it work. A beautiful piece needs to have drawers that work really well.

Good luck shopping!!!